The Historical Timeline of the Huntington Beach Pier

HUNTINGTON BEACH— The Huntington Beach Pier as we know it today had a long journey to get to where it is now.

The pier was built in 1902, before the incorporation of Huntington Beach in 1909.

The Huntington Beach Company (a company that changes oil fields into modern residential communities) originally built the pier out of wood at the end of Main Street in 1904, which stretched 1,000 feet out into the Pacific Ocean.

According to the Surf City USA website, a winter storm in 1912 took out a large chunk of the pier, and it was washed away in the ocean. In 1914 the pier was rebuilt using concrete, and an additional 350 feet were added, making the pier 1350 feet. long.

In 1930 another extension was made to the pier to add on a restaurant called The End Café.

After an earthquake in 1933 disconnected the new end of the pier, it brought the structure back to its original length.

In 1939 the café, along with the entire end of the pier, was wrecked by a rare hurricane, and once again, a section of the pier was captured by the Pacific Ocean.

The pier was quickly repaired by 1940, where the pier lasted for four decades while serving as a submarine lookout post for the U.S. Navy during World War II.

In 1983, yet again, the End Café crumbled into the ocean during a Spring storm but was rebuilt within the same year to a new two-story café.

In 1988, storms would damage the pier for the final time, sending a large portion of the pier into the ocean.

In 1992, nearly $200,000 was raised to reconstruct the entire pier to be 13 feet higher and 20 feet longer than before.

Today the Huntington Beach Pier is a classic Orange County landmark, drawing locals and visitors to its location every day.

The pier has remained unscathed for over two decades now; with 1,850 feet to walk out over the ocean, it’s the fifth-longest pier in California.

Today the pier offers simple pleasures such as fishing or dining at Ruby’s. It is the most photographed location in Huntington Beach, with sunset views that never grow old, even for its regulars.

One thought on “The Historical Timeline of the Huntington Beach Pier

  • January 31, 2022 at 7:22 am

    The opening is confusing: it says the pier was built in 1902, then it says it was originally built of wood in 1904. So is it 1902? Or 1904?

    Also, Ruby’s has been closed for almost a year, since 2/26/2021. Make everything else in the article questionable.



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