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Question: How does one “Ask a Maritime Attorney” a question (unrelated to the one posted here)?


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Answer: Ask an Attorney submissions can be made on our website under News and Departments and then Ask an Attorney. There is a submission button at the top where it will ask for your name, first and last, your email, and then your question. The question is then sent to the Log Editor email, where we forward it over to David Weil, our resident Maritime Attorney.

Readers can also email Weil directly at or contact him through his website at

If a reader posts a question on the Log website, Weil will review it and then reply to the question directly on the website.

Weil does try to answer all questions, generally, on the day they were submitted. After that, he responds to readers directly.

In regards to the column, he chooses questions that he finds helpful or interesting to the public that have not been answered in the past year.




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