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RE: Tall Ship Mystic Whaler is a welcoming sight in Channel Islands Harbor (Jan. 27)


Question: Do you know about the tours to the public?


Answer: The Mystic Whaler is expected to take a few months before being open to the public, and the buyer is currently on track to have the ship open for public tours by late spring, early summer of 2022.  

            The Mystic Whaler was purchased by a private buyer who plans to use the vessel for educational programs. An in depth article explaining the Mystic Whaler, written by Catherine French for the Log, can be found on the Log’s website.

The private buyer is currently going through the process of hiring the crew who will permanently man the tall ship.

The Channel Islands Harbor has had tall ships in the past that were free to visit but welcomed donations from the public.

The donations went towards paying the crew members and although it has not been determined yet, it is likely that the Mystic Whaler will operate the same way.

In comparison to other cities that have tall ship exhibits, the ticket price averaged between $3-$5.


To stay updated you can contact the harbor at (805) 973-5950 or contact Jed Chernabaeff, the harbor’s public information officer at or (805) 973-5928.


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