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“I would think for such a small amount, the diver would be better off filing a small claims suit, think it’s a $30 fee. A maritime lien filed with Coast Guard costs so much more – I filed one for several thousand dollars 10 years ago and it cost $200 then and no results. The only time a CG lien will be triggered is when the boat is being sold – it will show up on the Coast Guard abstract, which could take years and at further expense. I do know a broker who was successful in getting his money from a client who ripped him off for the cost of an electronics package worth about $15K at the time – took him 8 years but he got his money.”



Jerry on Facebook in response to the Log’s Jan.7 share of its article “Ask a Maritime Attorney: Can I place a lien on a customer who won’t pay for the service I did on their boat?”


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