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This is the story of a liveaboard bunny named Benny

A dwarf rabbit with no front teeth living as a stray on the streets was picked up and put in a shelter. Amanda Denton, living a nautical life, was looking online for a rabbit to be her companion. She fell in love with this little bunny with missing front teeth. Denton adopted the rabbit and named him Benny. She refers to him as her “special needs guy.”

Benny went from a life as a stray to living a life as a sailor. He is now a “free roamer” and a liveaboard in San Diego Bay. He is potty trained and uses a little litter box.

Captain Benny Bunny

Denton and Benny live aboard Selah, a Catalina 34 sailboat at Shelter Island. The name of the boat translates to “an intentional pause for reflection” (a Hebrew word found in the Psalms).

“Living on a boat is a perfect melding of my dreams. I definitely live more of a life of simplicity,” Denton, who comes from a sailing family, told The Log. She grew up in Seattle and then moved to San Diego.

In fact, her parents once owned a tall vessel resembling a pirate ship. They volunteered their time to the “Make a Wish” foundation, offering children the opportunity to go aboard a “pirate ship.” Benny, dressed in a pirate outfit, acted as a therapy pet helping to put nervous children at ease.

bunny as pirate

Denton has lived aboard her boat Selah for seven years. Benny joined her five years ago. They are day sailors, taking the boat out in the San Diego bay at least once a month. They also enjoy bike riding and paddle boarding together. Benny even has his own little life jacket.

bunny on a paddle board

It is not very often, if at all, boaters come across a relaxed rabbit accompanying his owner on sailing, bike riding and paddle boarding activities. “They think it is pretty ironic,” said Denton. “Benny has a really chill little temperament and likes being with his people.”

“Benny is my little pal. He’s affectionate and sweet, always nudging me for pets and scampering over when called (for treats). He is an endearing companion, a willing adventurer and the best little cuddler ever!” proclaimed Denton. Benny is obviously a special bunny.

Benny’s maritime adventures can be seen on Instagram (@captainbennybun).

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5 thoughts on “This is the story of a liveaboard bunny named Benny

  • Sheri

    I am beyond thrilled to read this story as a bunny and boating lover. Who knew a bunny could captain such a big boat! 😉 Go Benny!

  • Bob Johnson

    Amanda, God bless you and Benny. Long ago I resuced an abandoned bunny from the wild – she became my best friend and companion, as Benny has to you.

  • Felipe

    Nina, This is so amazing! Was it difficult for Benny to get used to the boat? We have a rabbit pet too and thinking of buying a boat but very concerned out rabbit wouldn’t be able to be with us!…
    This is inspirational! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Love this! I have a rescue bunny, and want to live on a boat, …so maybe I can! Though my bunny has his teeth, and uses them to great effect, usually on me!

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