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US Sailing Issues Further Guidance on Athletes from Russia and Belarus

UNITED STATES⸺ The US Sailing Board of Directors approved an amendment to the US Sailing Prescription RRS 76.1 to exclude boats or competitors and provide a framework for organizing authorities to exclude sailors from Russia and Belarus per the World Sailing policy, should they choose to do so. Under the new policy, excluded countries will be listed on the US Sailing website. Currently, competitors and coaches from Belarus or Russia may be excluded, but US Sailing will allow participation for dual citizens and permanent residents who have applied to be naturalized citizens.

The amended prescription to RRS 76.1 states:  

US Sailing prescribes that an organizing authority or race committee shall not reject or cancel the entry of a boat or exclude a competitor eligible under the notice of race and sailing instructions for an arbitrary or capricious reason or for reason of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or age. 

However, an organizing authority or race committee may exclude a competitor who is a citizen of or holds a World Sailing ID as an MNA member of a country listed on the US Sailing website at 

For more information and guidance, visit or contact the Race Administration office at 

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