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Vacationing on Catalina during the Banning years

CATALINA ISLAND —After an article was printed about Holly Hill House in The Log’s Catalina Special Edition, Mike Fleming shared a photo of one of his grandfather’s brothers enjoying sailing in a galvanized tub in Avalon Bay and the women in the photo are possibly his aunts. In the background, you can see the historic house. Fleming shared, “My mother’s side of our family has been orange growers and ranchers in Placentia long before it was called Placentia. My great grandfather Col. J.K. Tuffree lived in SoCal from the 1870s and had eight children. They traveled and have many back-east visitors.”

Fleming later shared two other historic photos of Catalina Island. He didn’t know much about these photos (though he informed The Log he might be able to find out more.)

All three photos will be posted on and updated with new information once historical accounts are sent our way and verified.


Catalina Island

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