Another derelict boat washes ashore

The case of theAngelique – a 70-foot boat that washed ashore several months ago – is fairly common these days as captains either lose control of their boats or find themselves in difficult situations. However, it is the boat owner’s responsibility to follow through with the removal of the vessel if an accident does occur. When did it start to become a city or county’s responsibility to take care of a damaged boat?

For more than six months, the Angelique has been gathering sand and silt as it sits idly on the Playa del Rey shoreline. District officials have been attempting to get the boat hauled off the beach as the vessel has become a hazard. Isn’t it time for the boat owner to worry about it?

“My wife and I broke our backs removing the sand inside and progress was incredible,” said Cosmo Mitchell, the boat’s owner. “The sanitation department from the state of California approached me and stated that they are not heartless and would like us to gather proposals from salvage companies.”

But the cost of removal was too much for the owner and so the boat’s removal has not become the city’s burden. Perhaps new rules need to be put in place to not only help boat owner’s in situations such as this one but also to assist cities from having to shoulder the burden.

Quicker action needs to be taken as the cost to remove a vessel adds up every day.

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