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Another valuable app for boaters

Boaters who are in the beginning stages of planning a cruise to a distant, or not well known harbor, should consider using the new Boater’s Guide that was recently released nu the California Clean Vessel Education Program, a partnership of The Bay Foundation and California State Parks’ Division of Boating and Waterways (Cal Boating). 

Now captains can simply download the iPad app or the interactive eBook and have a wealth at their fingertips – or in the palm of their hands. Available through the iTunes App Store, the Boater’s Guide provides information on each harbor in Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego County. 

Boaters will be able to find out more about each harbor’s unique features, how to procure a guest slip, waste disposal locations and fueling facilities. A detailed map of each harbor is another added feature that boaters will find useful. Also included in the guide is information on how to enjoy an environmentally friendly boating experience such as sewage management, tops on how to prevent accidental discharge overboard and alternatives to chemical additives. “

Users can also view embedded videos, expand images and link directly to resources

“The Division of Boating & Waterways is constantly looking to offer boaters the information they want in convenient formats. With the rise of smartphones and tablet uses, the eBook is the ideal way for boaters to have essential information at all times,” said Kevin Atkinson, CVA Program manager.

The guide is available for free through the iTunes App Store. 

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