Can Argus be Saved?

Earlier this month, The Log discovered one of Newport Beach’s beloved vessels was sitting at the bottom of the Port of Los Angeles Harbor. Argus, a 109-year-old ship that served as a teaching vessel for the Newport Beach Sea Scouts, sank in Wilmington where it was awaiting restoration.          

Members of The Argus Foundation have been attempting to gather enough funding to fix the boat for the past several months. Now they have more money to raise in order to cover the costs of refloating, and refurbishing the vessel.            

Can it be done? Or is it time to let Argus go?            

Great ships and boats have been saved from the perils of old age, but at a high cost. In 2009, fans of the SS Catalina said goodbye to the 302-foot steamship after years of trying to raise money to save the vessel from being scrapped. Some items were salvaged, such as the benches and cushioned seats, but the rest was demolished.            

Will Argus be faced with the same fate?            

Former Sea Scouts, the foundation and members of the community are rallying behind Argus to try and keep the ship from being scrapped. The Argus Foundation will attempt to raise enough money to bring Argus back to her glory days of sailing on the open ocean, carrying thousands of students to and from the sea base where they learned what was required of running a 92-foot ship.            
What will become of Argus?            

Only time will tell. 

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