Re: Transportation board urges boater education mandates (Feb. 24-March 9 issue)

Don’t Forget About Us

I enjoyed reading your article on boating safety. It is something we’ve seen as a need for some time. You seemed to have missed an entity. Our 28 strong 45-foot Outrigger clubs. These canoes that provided Pacific Islanders basic transportation for thousands of years is still alive in SoCal. Our family of paddlers, 3,000+, all belongs to Southern California Outrigger Racing Association (SCORA). We have various guidelines that we teach yearly and practice daily. The bigger scope of our sport has over 30 countries paddling these extra long canoes. Because we abide by these standards, our accident ratio in So Cal is quite low. Organized clubs have extra provisions for each site they paddle from, which there are 28 different sites in SoCal. Going to gives you our commitment to safe boating in these crowded harbors. Solutions to situations are what we do constantly, because we are unique. Because we are a racing group of water enthusiasts, we go that extra mile in regards to rules and guidelines.

The rash of standup phenom and roof top explorers is a situation that needs regulating. We’d be interested in helping in any way to resolving or educating persons that your paddlesports chart displayed. That new boating card exemption list is ridiculous. A renter is exempt? That’s just allowing accidents to continue! And what exactly is their reasoning for exempting organized boat regattas, are they positive those individuals are safe? What are the criteria they used? Yes, we’ll ask them. Does your findings have accident ratio from those individuals that are exempt.

We’d enjoy being part of the solution.

Bud Hohl


Re: Law proposal would end tax breaks for second homes (Feb. 24-March 9 issue)

Numbers don’t add up

I read March 2nd’s article, “Law proposal would end tax breaks for second homes” by Parimal M. Rohit with dark interest. I’m sure CA Assembly member David Chiu has noble intentions trying to remove the mortgage interest deduction for CA boat buyers. Taking money from the “wealthy” boat owners and spending it on “affordable housing” for the less fortunate probably sells very well to most people. He claims these interest deductions cost the state $300 million in tax revenue, but the numbers don’t add up. One wonders if Mr. Chiu’s office figured in the costs to the State of reduced boat and yacht sales that this bill would cause:

  • Reduced boat sales will eliminate jobs in the industry
  • Reduced demand for boats will eliminate jobs at boat manufacturers
  • Reduced sales tax receipts to the state of CA
  • Reduced income, and therefore income taxes to the state for boat dealerships, brokers, and salespeople
  • Reduced property tax income to the state of CA
  • Reduced demand for maintenance, commissioning, parts, etc.
  • Reduced services needed at boat yards
  • Reduced needs for slips, moorings, and marinas

I wonder if Mr. Chiu’s Assembly Committee on Housing and Community Development is in touch with anyone in the Assembly who looks out for the boating industry? It would behoove the Marine Recreation Association (MRA), the California Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA), and everyone who works in the marine industry to get in touch with their State Assembly members to let them know of this negative impact on the boating industry. To the degree your fine publication can facilitate this communication, it’s in our best interest, and is much appreciated.

Rick Day


Serious taxes

Seriously, the income taxes they pay far outweigh the taxes the state says they are saving but making these cuts!



 Taxing politicians

This might tip the scale for me. I have a second home in CA where friends and family go boating on the Colorado River. I have found a secret spot in FL that has no state income tax. This is the only way these politicians know how to operate. Drive businesses out first and now go after the residents. Not worth it…!





 Re: Newport Beach residents express uproar over Mariners’ Mile Master Plan (March 10-23 issue)

 Hideous and impractical planning

Parking structure and [pedestrian] bridges don’t make a place ADA access friendly, on top of ugly. No I am not a local but I used to be. Still visit multiple times a year.

Scott Beachbum


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