Reconfiguring Highway 1 to only two lanes of travel in each direction?


Re: Speed reduction trial proves win-win for whales, clean-air (March 27 issue).You have to wonder about a five-month study without comment to other intervening conditions. Another question I would have is if shippers are avoiding the channel. Since the light oil mandate went into effect, I have seen a marked increase in vessels transiting outside the shipping lanes.

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Polynesian architecture in San Diego

Re: Dock Lines with Capt. Nicole: Discovering the waterfront’s Tiki Modern architecture (April 10 issue) I enjoyed Capt. Larson’s article about Polynesian art in and around San Diego. I realize that architecture was the main focus but there also is a community of outrigger paddling clubs that date back to 1969 that have really preserved that Polynesian spirit on an athletic level. There have been clubs based at the Catamaran Hotel, Vacation Village, San Diego Boat & Ski Club and Campland throughout the years. They conduct events within the boundary waters of Mission Bay and San Diego Bay. They are part of an international federation of clubs all over the world from China to Switzerland. These clubs follow a circuit during the summer, then go off to races around the world. The sport in California got its beginning back in 1959. This is when famed waterman Toots Minvielle and Louie Kahanamoku (Dukes younger brother) brought over Koa canoes to Newport Beach to challenge the local boys to a outrigger race across the Catalina channel. It has thrived since then, having formed 28 clubs along the Southern California coast and into Arizona. Going to gives you that Polynesian sport culture history, dates of events, possible joining in that Polynesian craft of transportation.

Mahalo, and keep up the great articles.

Bud Hohl
SCORA Historical Committee


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