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Save Harbor Park

Save Harbor Park

Re: OC issues RFP for Dana Point sailing center ( Nov. 20 issue).  The Orange County Sailing and Events Center is located in the West Basin of Dana Point Harbor, next to Baby Beach. It is a community center that is home to various non-profit and low-profit organizations that provide recreational and educational opportunities to the community such as sailing and paddling instruction and low-cost watercraft rental. The harbor’s founding documents, along with the Local Coastal Program and Land Use Plan, all recognize that this area is to be preserved for such community purposes. The organizations that operate at this location include the Mariners 936 Sea Scouts, Saddleback College, Westwind Sailing, Serra Sailing, Dana Hills High School and Dana Outrigger Canoe Club. Each of these organizations serve their community by offering low-cost or no-cost recreational instruction in water sports, including sailing, standup paddling, kayaking and outrigger canoe paddling. Orange County Dana Point Harbor Office (OCDPH) wants to privatize this location by bringing in a private company to take over management of this area. Unfortunately, OCDPH refuses to include protections within this request that would prevent the private company from driving out these community-focused organizations through increased rates, or misguided management practices. The refusal to include these protections threatens the continued existence of these organizations and their ability to provide these educational and recreational opportunities. Please sign our petition and tell the Orange County Board of Supervisors that you want them to direct the Dana Point Harbor Office to work in harmony with these organizations in order that they may better serve our community (chn.ge/1RNinSo). 

Michael Fox
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Just one thing

Re: L.A. Harbor slip renters lose a fuel dock (Nov. 20 issue). One correction to your article is that the $14,000 quoted in the article has already been spent – and we were told by our vendor that substantial additional work would still be required, making further investment uneconomic. There is no cap on what further costs would be required to come into compliance. And the lease is up at the end of 2015.

Jack Boyt
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Thank you for the clarification, Jack. The article has been updated online.

Fuel dock woes

Re: L.A. Harbor slip renters lose a fuel dock (Nov. 20 issue). This makes zero sense. If the lease is up in one (1) year, enter into negotiations with the harbor and finalize a lease. This is a win for the harbors and the marina itself. Although, if in Cabrillo, I would go see Todd at Yankovich based on the sizable fuel savings, plus he’s a nice guy. But to navigate from Huntington Harbour to L.A. Harbor for fuel is a little hop.

Art L. Gumm
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Waste of money?

Referring to the one paragraph statement printed in the Comments Section of the Dec. 3 edition of The Log (Re: MIT researchers find whiskers slaloming motion help harbor seals track prey Nov. 6 issue) the writer makes the implication that the government grant for the applicant to study the whiskers of the harbor seal is a “waste of money” and blames “career politicians and Democrats”. If he/she had read the entire well-written article in The Log he would not be writing such a comment. Someday, government funded grants may save his/her life.

Just as I suspected, and knowing that with the high competition to get these government grants, there is a very excellent scientific reason for approving this grant. If the person who wrote this attack on the government and Democrats had bothered to read the entire article in the Nov. 6 edition The Log, the writer would have read why the grant was approved and the reason for its approval and the importance to us all of the information discovered.

The results of the study show the harbor seal’s ability to move very silently thru calm water and extract energy from the fish’s wake. “We now have an idea of how it’s possible that seals can find fish that they can’t see” which in turn explores the idea that “artificial whiskers may be useful as low-power sensors for underwater vehicles.”

Diana Walker
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How to buy a used bike that isn’t stolen

Re: Dock Lines: Preventing bike thefts and aiding recovery (Nov.20 issue). Please check out perfecto.bike/ – the marketplace for used bikes where nothing is stolen. We check all serial numbers against databases of stolen bikes.

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