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Coastal Commission need not explain why, they can simply do

Coastal Commission need not explain why, they can simply do

Re: Editorial: California Coastal Commission plays it close to the vest (Feb. 26 issue).
The executive director serves at the pleasure of the commissioners and can be removed at any time. The commissioners don’t have to explain their actions on personnel matters. All we need to know is that Lester was no longer meeting the needs of the commission and was let go. The “why” doesn’t matter and is not the public’s business.

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I recognize that sign!

Re: Coastal Commission ouster spawns new legislation (Feb. 26 issue). Hey- that’s my sign at the bottom, “Coastal Protection Don’t Change Direction.” Thanks for this article, and please don’t overlook the timeline: Oct. 2015, Coastal Commission sets conditions on SeaWorld San Diego’s tank expansion, namely, no more orca breeding. A scant three months later Executive Director Charles Lester gets the boot for no apparent reason. Developers and oil companies have hated the Coastal Commission forever, but this has never happened before. This is about a dying circus called SeaWorld in their last ditch attempt to stay alive. Please join us on Facebook at: Take Back the Coastal Act and sign the petition to Gov. Brown at: petitions.moveon.org/sign/governor-brown-remove.fb49?source=c.fb&r_by=2825015

Joey Racano, director, Ocean Outfall Group
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The Log: Are giant megaships actually a strain or burden on ports? Re: USA Today story, tinyurl.com/jpf8ta3

Jerry Clanton: This is B.S. Letting shipping companies dictate the spending of tax dollars to accommodate their monstrosity of a vessel. It’s the same blackmail game the sports owners play: build us a new stadium, or we’ll go somewhere that will. Ten years later they’re back! Enough is enough. If they want to build these behemoth’s let them pay for the infrastructure to support them.

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