Nay on PFD Bill

Not a jetpacks fan

Re: Newport Beach reverses course on jetpacks (May 8 issue). I would sure hate to be navigating through the harbor, constantly scanning for paddleboards, kayakers, and sailboats zipping back and forth, and then have to watch for jetpacks zipping over my head. What’s next — trap shooting? I can’t believe anyone would even consider jetpacks. I know it will also drive residents crazy with the constant noise which will be similar to chain saws running. The harbor is supposed to be a place to relax and enjoy boating — not to listen to the drone of a jetpack all day.

Wayne Ford
Huntington Beach
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Upset with Southwestern YC’s actions

Shame on Southwestern Yatch Club and their negligent actions. I am an avid angler who has fished many tournaments in the last seven years. Unfortunately, myself and over 150 anglers decided to compete in the 45th annual Bottom Fishing Tournament Charity Benefit hosted by Southwestern Yacht Club. Prior to the event we were informed of the rules and regulations, additionally given a Department of Fish and Game 2015 rules booklet; with the description of the many individual cash awards for multiple divisions: men’s, women’s, and juniors. Well, sadly to say this club disappointed many this past Saturday.

Imagine the shock and disappointment to be told by the director of Southwestern YC, during the events banquet, that two boats that reportedly weighed in the heaviest fish had caught several illegal fish. Therefore, the director explained that ALL monetary prizes would be terminated for the entire competition instead of disqualifying these two boats! What this meant was that all the men, women, and juniors, (kids under 16 years of age) that paid for their entry fees, fished hard all day and spent lots of money on fuel, would no longer be receiving their earned awards because two negligent boats did not follow the tournament rules and U.S. Fish & Game regulations.

In my view this could have easily been resolved by disqualifying the two boats. I was crushed to see the expression of an innocent kid sitting at my table, after his father explained what had just happened. I am a proud member of two local fishing clubs in San Diego and never have I seen such a shameless act. It’s unfortunate that this mistake has done some irreparable harm to this club’s reputation.

Nancy Oriz
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Keep on fishing

Re: California could ban lead fishing tackle (May. 8 issue). It has been banned in the UK for years now, no biggie, angling still works.

Patrick Anthony Thirkell
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Question for The Log

Re: Port of San Diego could acquire submerged lands from state commission (May 8 issue). Parimal, Why did you write that AB 729 is going to be taken up as “Urgency Legislation?” Did someone who works in the legislative process say that?

Many thanks,

Kevin Reilly
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Replace politicians with civil service employees

Re: Port of San Diego could acquire submerged lands from state commission (May 8 issue). The state should take the port away from the politicians and operate it with state civil service employees who have no unethical financial interests.

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