Port redevelopment plan

Catalina event concern to boaters, visitors

Re: Bud Light names Catalina Island  #UpForWhatever (April 24 issue). The planned complete takeover of Avalon for a Bud Light commercial “upforwhatever” on May 29 to 31 is a concern to boaters and regular visitors.

Restaurants will be closed; the pier and Crescent Street to Metropol will be closed for people under 21. Hotels have all been spoken for, but what will be open for boaters? Big Olafs? Bluewater Grill? The Lobster Trap? Miniature Golf? The “Blue” Pleasure Pier to kids? Dinghy Docks on the pier? Shoreboats? If merchants are open will one be able to get to them?

What happens to weddings that have been planned? People taking fishing trips? Yacht club cruises? Vacations that people have been looking forward to for months?

Yes the “Blue Pleasure Pier.” Is painting of the Green Pleasure Pier blue such a great idea? Is this going to be a permanent color change? If not, where does the blue paint go when removed? The ocean?

I have found the city mayor to be quite vague on details. She cannot answer any of the questions above. The Harbor Department is unsure of any details. Merchants are unaware of the details of how they will paid for business lost or will they be open to the public or not.

It is rumored the city will receive between $250,000 and $500,000 from Anheuser-Busch, Crested Butte, Colorado got $500,000, for being able to stage its “upforwhatever” and thumb its nose at everyone else. Boaters and regular visitors should understand where they stand with the city of Avalon. It is more important to film a commercial of 1,000 people at a drunken frat party then to take care of the people who spend millions of dollars in Avalon each year.

Ted Olsen
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More comments on moorings

Michelle Staffield provided this answer to the question posted on The Log’s Facebook page: Are you a mooring holder? If so, how do you classify the money you pay to use it? #Rent? #Tax? #Fee?

Re: Slip fee …I wouldn’t call it rent … Unless you live on it I suppose.

Safe dockage?

Re: Dock Lines with Capt. Nicole: Safe dockage for your dinghy in San Diego and Mission bays (April 24 issue). Thanks for the information. San Diego Bay is the sort of place where nobody would even ask.

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Is this a joke?

Re: State senator introduces Sportfishing Stimulus Act of 2015 (April 24 issue). What a joke. If you want to stimulate fishing get rid of the MPAs!

Chuck Micalizzi
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Reality vs. law

Re: Who’s on the hook for abandoned boats? (April 24 issue). The plain fact is that by the time the owners of abandoned boats are found, they have little money or assets. Thus, pursuit of these folks is futile. While California may well have 1,000 (guestimate) or more abandoned boats, it was telling that the authorities did not state that x number of such boat owners had actually been fined and/or made to pay court costs. I’m guessing the number is frightfully low. The “problem” is persistent and I think the article(s) needed to delve deeper into which authorities have not been doing their job.

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