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Sick of environmentalists

Re: Coastkeeper seeks to replenish Southern California oyster reefs (Sept. 25 issue). tinyurl.com/c4ca5oq No kidding Maxx but hey these folks are using tax payer money getting grants from the government. Oh and drakes bay had non-native oysters yeah so many things were brought up that oysters were so bad for the ecosystem and here you go, literally a slap in the face, oh yeah they had to have their wilderness area, this is sickening to see the BS these environmentalist get away with, sick!

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Swimming with the sea lions

This should make a great article for you I live on my boat Sou’wester, a 50-foot Defever trawler with my wife Marilyn and dog Nakita in San Diego. Nakita is Akita/ pit bull and 14 years old, she is an excellent swimmer. Once or twice a week she will spot a sea lion and off she goes for up to 40 minutes, fortunately they tolerate her and the one in the picture is swimming just fast enough to keep her in tow and often it becomes a game of dive and seek with the sea lion holding all the cards. I would caution readers that this could be very dangerous as a sea lion could easily kill a dog. 

John De Forest
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Education for everyone

Re: Oceanside Harbor seeks update for human powered craft regulation (Nov. 6 issue.) How about an educational requirement for all boaters including those in kayaks and dinghies? How about enforcing BUI laws?

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Too many rules

The water is for fun little kids and big kids. People from the middle of United States where there is rolling hills and tractors. I have a powerboat and go slow in the harbor and restricted water ways. I stop if necessary or backup, go around or back to where I started. It is not complicated. Please do  not let the cry babies ruin what is fun.

Raul Avina, Oceanside
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Waste of mone

Re: MIT researchers find whiskers slaloming motion help harbor seals track prey (Nov. 6 issue). This is exactly why we need to get rid of career politicians and the Democrats. How much did we pay for this mind boggling research? Do you not think we could use money better to improve our rivers and streams and maybe use some money to get water which we need! Way too many special interest groups destroying our country! Waste of taxpayer money!

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