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Use eminent domain

Use eminent domain and be done with it

Re: Huntington Harbour fuel dock shut down (Oct. 9 issue). Come on HB, use the powers of Eminent Domain and seize the fuel dock using “safety” as an argument. Six hundred boats and no fuel dock and it’s only a matter of time before there is a spill or accident as boat owners use alternate methods to fill their tanks. Give the owners a fair price (low since they wish to just walk away) and re-open the place. Dana Point Harbor fuel dock is owned by the county I believe so there is precedent for public ownership. It would be a tiny spec in city of HB budget to make it happen. Just gett’er done.

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An alternative to dock ladders

Re: Dock ladders climb onto Santa Barbara Harbor’s agenda (Oct. 2 issue). Instead of dock ladders, hand out a document to describe how to get out of the water onto a dock by using any boat’s dock line. Merely adjust the line to loop into the water so that one may step onto the looped line sufficiently to step/crawl onto the dock.

Mike D
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Re: Ask a Maritime Attorney: Read, then re-read, your boat purchase contract (Oct. 23 issue). 
Paul Paul: Read, read, read your boat (contract), gently down the stream.

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