Marina nozzles, yes!

Santa Barbara looking to Dana Point for guidance?

Re: Santa Barbara Harbor is a crowded house (Sept. 11 edition). As a boat owner in Dana Point Harbor I was stunned to read that Santa Barbara Harbor is looking to Dana Point for guidance in educating and controlling SUPs and kayaks. Every weekend in Dana Point Harbor is out of control with these two watercraft and no control, education or intercession on the part of Harbor Patrol. They seem to think that with benign neglect the problem will go away. We have a fatality waiting to happen.

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Question from a Schock customer

What happened with Schock and Whaler? Got an email from Sun Country announcing they are the SoCal Whaler dealer. Shock’s website is all Grady with a minor footnote about being a Whaler Master Dealer. But all their Whaler content is gone. A dealer search for the Newport ZIP code 92663 on Whaler’s site only renders Sun Country. Schock has been the prominent dealer for over 50 years. What happened?

Mark Sirof
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