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Avalon a party town?

Are they bringing water in addition to beer?

Re: Bud Light’s #UpForWhatever comes to Avalon: party-or-liability (May 22 issue). Avalon is in severe water rationing mode. But I suppose if these folks just drink beer all weekend and bathe in the ocean, it shouldn’t have too much of an impact. Last line of the article is pretty funny though: “Catalina was no stranger to spontaneous fun because of its bison population”… Huh??

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More thoughts on Avalon event

Re: Bud Light’s #UpForWhatever comes to Avalon: party-or-liability (May 22 issue). I hope Avalon makes a lot of money for this inconvenience.

David Mattie
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Reader has a bone to pick with assemblyman

Re: State Assembly unanimously approves PFD bill (May 22 issue). Typical of government regulations – their brains (if they have any) are seldom in gear when dreaming them up. My new assemblyman wrote a bill to remove cameras at intersections because there have been a few rear end collisions [by inattentive people following too close]. How many people have been T-Boned by people running red lights, resulting in death or serious injuries – and no witnesses to prove fault?

Wayne Ford
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Best of luck, fair winds and following seas

Re: Frank Ursitti is ready to guide H&M Landing into the future (May 22 issue). Keep up the great tradition Frank. Best to the “reel guy” – across the room too.

San Diego
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