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RE: Grunion Run on California Beaches (April 30 – May 13)

Born and raised doing Grunion runs I know how to catch them. The best way to do it is to grab a handful of sand the same time they slide out of your hand. Also you have to tiptoe along the shore, they have spotters that come in ahead of the run if you spook them they will go up or down the shore for another location for safety. I could talk about a lot of stories about Grunion runs some of my fondest stories as a kid.

Gerald Hoover


RE: Scripps Completes Seafloor Survey of Dumpsite off the Coast (April 30 – May 13)

Everyone who grew up in the LB & LA harbor area knew about this in the 70s and nothing was done then and nothing will be done now. As we all heard too many times The Corporation is too big to fail and we all suffer. When will the politicians remember that they are in office to serve the people not the corporations “WE THE PEOPLE.”

Michael Duda


RE: Proposed Vessel Registration Fee Increase Held Open in Budget Subcommittee (April 16 – 29)

The $70 bi-annual fee may not sound significant if you have a $50,000 boat but outrageous if you have a dingy and an used outboard engine worth $500.

Edward Belson

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