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RE: Sportfishing Industry Starts Petition Calling for Changes to CARB’s Proposed Engine Regulations (June 25-July 8)

“I have [found] Governor Newsom to be extremely open to economic concerns. Please sign the petition and pursue this issue on your own by contacting your local state representatives, as well as sending a personal letter to the Governor.”

  • Rich Holland


RE: Ventura County Harbor Department Director Mark Sandoval Announces Retirement (July 9-July 23)

“Mark Sandoval is one of the finest men I have ever known. In the year of 2002, I needed to go to the La Jolla VA hospital to take a pre-op exam for my second heart valve replacement. Because of a number of disabilities, I had no way to get there. So, he and Marine Patrol Officer Martin Arroyo took me. It was a great trip and his support helped more than I can say. It was a great privilege to know him. He did a great job in Long Beach and I will be forever grateful. Good luck Mark in all matters.”

  • Curt Ensign


RE: Catalina Island To-Do Bucket List (July 9 – July 23)

“Excellent opportunities.”


  • Pat Wauben

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