Community Letters/Comments

RE: Redondo Beach Harbor Commission Meets to Discuss Harbor Revitalization (Feb. 19-March 4)

“Removing Seaside Lagoon for private use is only benefiting the developer and city council with money in their pocket.”

Thomas Weeks



RE: Newport Beach Harbor Commission to Review Harbor Permit Policy Again (Feb. 19 – March 4)

“The H1 policies were put in place without proper notification of waterfront homeowners. If you desire or have a need to refurbish, improve or make changes to your existing dock the process is restrictive, expensive, overwhelming, and downright impossible between Harbor Commission and Coastal Commission it is punitive in every sense of the word. The job of the Harbor Commission and City Council should be to protect all Newport Beach homeowners, their property rights and allow them to easily improve their homes.”

Shana Conzelman


RE: Balboa Island Ferry Has Been in Service for Over 100 Years (Feb. 19 – March 4)

“True or false? The fun zone is being sold. Sad if this is true, and what would happen to our ferry?”

Sherry Grederivk


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