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RE: Floating Homes: The Life of Southern California’s Liveaboards (2016)

I found this information very helpful. I’m getting ready to buy or rent a liveaboard. It’s always been a dream of mine. Being a recent widow and Divorce. I need a change. I’ve had ski boats, jets skies, and the water has always called to me. Would like more information on a 40’ to 50’ foot to lease to buy. It would be the adventure of my lifetime. Thank you.

Traci Herrera


RE: Is Long Beach’s Ecosystem Restoration Project Bad News for Boaters (Feb. 21 – March 5, 2020)

No kelp will grow in the harbor. As anybody that has waded in the ocean on the peninsula side knows, the water is super dirty. Your legs will get coated with plastic bags and other crap. They first need to spend millions and filter the water coming down the L.A. River. Currently, the Long Beach Harbor water is too hot and dirty, the only thing that will grow now is Bacteria!



RE: SoCal Classics: Galatea (Aug. 25 – Sept 7, 2017)

I used to go on the Galatea occasionally as a kid. My grandfather, Tom Bussjaeger, was cousins with Violet.

Marek Robinson

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  • john higgins

    please bring back the cartoons.



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