New Class Rule for America’s Cup?

Competitors signed up for the 35th America’s Cup must be anxiously awaiting the release of the new class rule for yachts, which will define the boats raced, for a second consecutive time.            

According to a story posted Jan. 31 on the America’s Cup Website Peter Melvin of Morrelli & Melvin Design and Engineering Inc. of Newport Beach has been hired by the defender and the challenger of record of the 35th America’s Cup and tasked with coming up with the class rule.            

Last year, design firm, Morrelli & Melvin, were the lead designers in writing the class rule. It marked the first time a multihull rule had been established for America’s Cup.            

What can racers –and spectators—expect for the 2014 race?            

 “We are looking at concepts that are similar to the AC72 — a foiling cat with wingsail. The consensus from teams is that this was a good concept and we want a smaller version in the 60 to 65 foot range,” Melvin said.            

The sailor, designer and engineer intends to take into consideration the requests of the defender and the challenger of record. Some of those desires include reducing the costs of the boats and of the entire campaign.            

On the boat side, that means smaller boats, with less crew, and fewer personnel involved in design, logistics, and reduced construction costs, Melvin explained.            

The pubic and competitors will have to wait until the design firm announces the new class rule later this year to determine what this means for the 2014 race.            

Whatever the consensus, America’s Cup will be as thrilling as it’s always been

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