Finally, another Opportunity to Explore the Channel Islands Coast

Mariners and non-boat owners can agree that spending time exploring a location – whether for the first or 100th time – is part of the fun of any trip. For boaters, this may mean picking a destination that is not only fun to get to but also great to travel around.

In this issue of The Log, Melissa Baffa, executive director of Friends of Channel Coast State Parks, shares that the public can now find out more about the beautiful Channel Islands Coast by way of kayak during an educational tour.

Kayakers can see the Channel Islands National Park visitor center and several commercial fishing operations, including squid fishing — and they will enjoy some very quiet and peaceful exploring around the Ventura Keys, Baffa said in the article featured on page 12.

Now both boaters and non-boat owners can enjoy a two-hour tour of the island by participating in the program.

For details on the educational kayak tour offered by the Friends of Channel Coast State Parks’ newest program, see the article “Kayaking Program to Benefit Friends of Channel Coast State Parks.”

Whether it is sailing, kayaking or paddleboarding, it’s encouraging to know that the public has the chance to get out on the water and experience what so many boaters get to see and do on a weekly – sometimes daily basis.


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