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L.A. marinas should stay put

Re: 50-year lease approved for San Pedro Public Market (June 3 issue). That’s just like L.A. to close another marina — shame on them. And how sad to lose a beautiful name like Ports ‘O Call.

Connie Clark

More information on Newport trial anchorage

Re: Newport harbor’s second trial anchorage moves forward (June 3 issue). On your overnight noise restriction pointed out above, I think you intended 10 p.m.- 7 a.m. Additionally, I am interested to see the follow up report on how many local Newport Harbor boats use this anchorage vs. “the visitors” that Ms. Whitesides uses for her argument against the secondary anchorage. As a local tax paying resident and boat owner I enjoy that part of the harbor.

Dennis Oberst

Any funds for Wilmington marinas?

Re: L.A. County to reimburse Long Beach marine debris (May 6 issue). Are Wilmington’s marinas going to [be] involved in any clean ups because they receive a huge amount of trash from the L.A. River?

Teresa Clark

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Quick thinking

The Log: Can a cork from a bottle of Absolut vodka save a #boat from sinking? Apparently, as that’s what these two boaters did: (Re. Sinking boat saved by booze cork, NY Post, June 2)

Matthew Schuth: So get this, I read an article about a powerboat being saved by a Nerf football! This, I believe, should be standard equipment on larger boats with in board engines as it is large enough to plug large intake and exhaust hoses.

Letter to the Editor

Channel Islands Harbor lessees have supported the harbor for years. The county wants to build 400 apartments; community stakeholders have suggested many wanted options ignored by the county which does not own the public Channel Islands Harbor/marinas, only manages the interest in them. (Grand Jury Final Report 2005-06). We do not want to be forced to stay in one area to shop by county design, nor do we want Channel Islands Blvd/Victoria Avenue reconstructed, just for a county project luxury apartment building.

The supervisors claim to have “deep rooted respect for people living here,” but have proven otherwise. Did they ask if their Urban Village would bring jobs into the area? Palmer/Tellefsen said they will bring their own renters and employees, and that they will be moving the Commercial Fishing Crane, cutting public access to water, taking public docks and parking, causing traffic problems, and change Navy Base traffic by use of other gates. Their bottom line shouldn’t upset a whole town’s heartbeat.

Your right to breathe (CA Coastal Codes, Public) open air, enjoy your harbor, water and sky which helps us cope and provides for a healthy town; a hard working community has earned a less crowded safe area that was also by the way, paid for by the public, in your 2012 LCP. The cicainc.org website expressed so many great ideas and remember our voting taxpaying stakeholders and our Naval Base Ventura County will be supporting retail, and new residential coming into this area. No new jobs though.

A Veteran’s Memorial, a female, male, and war dog soldier, beautiful fountains and huge flags! Oxnard can do a better job of fostering such a precious gift given to public long ago. Not taken over by ideas that don’t suit our visions for harbor, our lifestyles, nor do we need luxury renter problems with 400 new excuses of a transient “lifestyle complex” on a small dangerous corner. Thousands of lives could be at stake if the county makes the wrong decision for Silver Strand/Hollywood By the Sea, other harbor beach community residents/visitors, and this whole county.

We can do better … much better!

Oxnard Navy Seabee Family, Pringle-Haymons Family, Stan Johnson, Ret. Navy Proudly here since early 1960s

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