Letter to the Editor: A Funny Log Story

Byline: Todd Setzer

Last month, I wrote a Letter to the Editor (“Leaving Outboards Unlocked Is Asking for Trouble,” which appeared in the Oct. 26-Nov. 8 issue). My letter was commenting on the outboard motor theft ring bust — and my complaint was, as a taxpayer, I now was paying for motor locks provided by the Feds.

It’s a small world. When I read my letter in your paper (in issue No. 931), I looked to the left and saw the only other Letter to the Editor in that issue was written by Jack Strong from Long Beach. Both Jack and I grew up in Sacramento.

Jack is the older brother of my best friend, who still lives there. I’ve known Jack since 1960.

Jack migrated to Southern California many years ago, as I did myself three years ago. I have not seen Jack since I relocated to Point Loma, but we have been in touch via email.

He also noted the coincidence — and sent emails with both letters to his family members.

It is a small world…

Thanks. Love The Log.

Todd Setzer
San Diego


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