Letter to the Editor: Coast Guard Deserves a Pat on the Back

Coast Guard Deserves a Pat on the Back


The Coast Guard’s partnership with the San Diego Marine Task Force to take down a Mexican boat attempting to smuggle 7,100 pounds of pot was a nice nod to the work of this agency.

The Log’s story on this seizure in the Dec. 3-16 issue reminded me of the tireless and endless work carried out by Coast Guard officers. Not only are they responsible for responding to emergencies at sea, but it seems they are almost always the first responders to these now common-day smuggling attempts.

It required two nearby cutters, a 45-foot response boat from Station San Diego and a crew flying overhead to thwart the three suspected smugglers attempts to carry drugs onto our beaches.  The men and women of the Coast Guard are doing an excellent job at protecting our waters and shorelines.

I applaud those who put their life on the line for our safety.

Kind regards,

Pat Devonshire

Mission Beach, CA

Long Live The Duke!


I was shocked to find out in the The Log’s article “Duke’s Place May Keep Its Name After All” in the Dec. 3-16 issue that the Balboa Bay Resort is considering doing away with the popular Duke’s Place nickname.

People forget how significant John Wayne was to our little coastal city. Not only was he a well-known Hollywood actor but a local who often sauntered into the Balboa Bay Resort’s bar.

His name is synonymous with Newport Beach.

The resort can modernize the bar all it wants but leave the nickname alone. It’s a beloved moniker. The Duke’s remaining legacy in town has dwindled throughout the years from the renovation of his boat, Wild Goose, to the demolition of his mansion on that overlooked Big Canyon golf course.

The least we can do is keep maintain the bar’s nickname in his honor.

Longstanding fan of The Duke

Newport Beach

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