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Letter to the Editor — Duffy Docks: The Time Has Come

Byline: Jon Christensen

Your article on “Duffy Docks” (“‘Duffy Dock’ Proposed as Alternative to Existing Moorings,” in the March 29-April 11 issue) got my attention.

I’m aware that similar concepts have been in use in Europe for a long time. There are “singles,” a dock for two boats; or “doubles,” two singles connected together and articulated in the middle for four boats. Often, these floating docks have designs on the ends for parking dinghies.

While initial installation is more expensive because of the cost of the dock, the technique does reduce the number of anchors needed by at least half, compared to the typical bow/stern mooring system. The result: fewer anchors, less chain, less junk in the water and less hardware on the bottom.

A typical mooring takes 75 to 100 percent more space than the length of the boat. Free-floating docks reduce the amount of space needed by more than half.

Marshall Duffield is correct. Floating docks will consolidate the space now used by the boats, creating more open water. At the same time, they will improve the parking for boats in Newport Harbor, with or without utilities — because most will agree that stepping onto a dock is much nicer than the alternatives.

The illustration I included shows an example of a “double” free-floating dock. Dinghies are secured at the end to keep them from blocking the dock space.

Thanks for the article.

 Jon Christensen
San Diego

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