Letter to the Editor — I LIKE Mega-yachts


In regard to the two people who were complaining to the Newport Beach City Council that allowing a couple of mega-yachts to moor here temporarily would “negatively impact their harbor view” (mentioned in the Aug. 30-Sept. 2 issue story “Two Mega-Yachts to Moor Temporarily in Newport Harbor), I have only one thing to say: I LIKE mega-yachts — and I’m not alone in this.

I like looking at them. I like having them in my harbor, even if they are only here for a temporary stay. (And I’m sure the local businesses like the money their owners spend here during their visit, too.)

They are elegant and beautiful. They are state-of-the-art examples of the most beautiful and advanced designs that the world of yachting has to offer.

Anyone who moves to an island in a recreational boating harbor and then complains about having to looking at boats should seek therapy — or perhaps another address.

Charles Burnett
Corona del Mar

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