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Letter to the Editor: Marina Park Plan Not All It Is Billed to Be

Byline: Edwin Dillon

There are some errors in the story on Marina Park (“71-foot Beacon-free Lighthouse Approved for Newport Harbor”) in the March 15-28 issue of The Log.

(While improved public access to the beach and waterfront is one of the Marina Park project features the city of Newport Beach touts,) the bayfront beach has been open to the public since the fences were taken down, with the current configuration of 56 mobile home units in 1956 — 57 years ago.

The Log article states that the beach will be open to the public. That’s true — except that the new marina and 200-foot dock will remove 100 yards of beach from public use.

The park (in my opinion) will not be used for local residents, but by visitors from out of town, who will be leaving their trash for the city to remove.

There will be NO income from this project for the city.

The Marina Park mobile home homeowners’ association offered to make payments from the income from the mobile home spaces to the city of over $2 million per year, but the city turned that down.

I am a home owner.

Edwin Dillon 

Newport Beach

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