Letter to the Editor: Slip Transfers: Always a Hot Issue

Byline: Cal Anton

I felt compelled to comment on the story in the July 6-19 issue of The Log Newspaper, “Are Boaters Selling Slips? — Oceanside May Change Slip Transfer Policy.” This is a hot issue year after year.

Some people claim that policies allowing boaters to transfer the right to rent an existing slip when they sell a boat that is occupying that slip is somehow “unfair” to boaters who already own vessels and are on the waiting list for a marina slip.

Though I can sympathize with those on the waiting list for slips, I recall that many of us who now have slips were also on waiting lists in the past. Many of us have paid our slip fees for years, maintained our boats and shown our loyalty to our marina.

Our boats and our investment in our marinas are worthless if we can’t sell our boats with a slip transfer.

We don’t sell our boats lightly. And it is far more likely that boat owners will screen new buyers for being good marina tenants.

The marinas don’t need new people who have no clue that having a boat is a privilege.

Cal Anton

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