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Letter to the Editor: Thanks for Ships to Reefs Story

Byline: John Gibbins

Thanks for the update on the Ships to Reefs project at Dana Point.  It is a huge task that I hope the organizers can complete.

The economic benefit model that was used to complete the Yukon Project in San Diego is a good example of how to make a win-win situation out of disposing of old ships.

One point of clarification, however. The Ships to Reefs organization had nothing to do with the Yukon Project.

The Yukon Project was a joint project of the San Diego Oceans Foundation with assistance from the Artificial Reef Society of British Colombia and heavy financial and leadership assistance from Dick Long, founder of Diving Unlimited International. The project happened because the local dive community came together in an unprecedented way and volunteered thousands of hours to make the project happen.

Volunteer members from the Yukon Project went on to create the Ships to Reefs organization, to move the whole idea of reefing ships forward.

Thanks for a great publication and an interesting article.

John Gibbins
San Diego

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