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Letter to the Editor — Thanks for the Waterfront Fireworks Guide

Byline: Jack and Marie Pugh

Thank you for once again publishing The Log’s annual guide to waterfront fireworks shows and Independence Day activities for boaters (in the June 21-July 4 issue). Each year, our family uses this roundup article to help us make our Fourth of July cruise plans.

Over the years, we’ve enjoyed many different patriotic celebrations, from the two days of celebrating — and two fireworks shows — that go on at Catalina Island, to the must-see “Big Bay Boom” fireworks over San Diego Bay (last year’s 15-second accidental spectacle notwithstanding). The “Yankee Doodle Dinghy Parade” over in Oceanside always gives us a chuckle, but we haven’t joined in on that one yet.

Boating is a wonderful part of our Independence Day celebrations, and being with so many other boaters who participate in these events — both friends and new acquaintances — makes them all the more special.

We are proud to be Americans — with freedom to go where we want, assemble together when we want and take part in these patriotic festivities at the spur of the moment if we want, without authorities controlling our every move, every thought and every utterance.

We’re thankful for a country that is still great, for fun-filled Fourth of Julys on the water, and for the fact that the environmental lawyers still haven’t managed to take away all our fireworks shows and beach bonfires — at least not yet.

Jack and Marie Pugh

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