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Letters: Dredging: A frustrating topic

Editor: I was glad to read in the March 14-27 edition of The Log that President Barack Obama allocated funding for dredging Ventura Harbor.          

As a boater who cruises to Ventura from time to time I can attest to the frustration that captains such as myself who encounters difficulties when entering the channel. Increased shoaling has impacted several areas in the bay including the entrance channel — something that is important to those of us trying to get in and out of the harbor.            

It’s upsetting to know that our government is not always sympathetic to the boating community who not only rely on navigational channels for transiting to and from a location for recreational purposes’ but also for work. How are charter companies going to make a living if they can’t get in and out of the bay due to shoaling? What about those sportfishing boats and larger yachts that have to stay in their slips in fear of running aground?            

As of last week, Santa Barbara Harbor had to disinvite a cruise ship from droping anchor near the bay because the dredge broke. Winter storms, sand bars and shallow waters only added to the problem and kept the city from reaping the benefits that come with cruise ship visits.            

Dredging needs to be considered a necessary and important project rather than something that can be skipped from time to time.

Ernie Field
Oxnard, Calif.

 Letter edited for clarity and brevity.

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