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Re: Time’s Up: Putting the Clock on Waterfront Development (issue May 17-30)


Opposition to Time Limits on Waterfront Developments

I read with much interest the Standing Watch article in the May 17 edition of The Log.

While I am sure that Parimal’s reasoning was well intentioned, I would argue that putting a deadline on waterfront development is the absolute wrong thing to do.

Those of us in the industry know that waterfront development will always have opponents, and as a result normally takes many years. That opposition normally comes from residents who already enjoy living on the waterfront, and do not want anyone else living on the waterfront and enjoying the life they are privileged to enjoy.

If a deadline is put on all waterfront development, then that NIMBY opposition will have a huge weapon in that all they have to do is fight until the timeclock runs out and they can then keep the waterfront to themselves.

Mark Sandoval, Director, Channel Islands Harbor


Re: Orange County’s Docks: A Tale of Two Maritime Parking Scenes (issue May 31-June 13)


Props to the California Coastal Commission

I am dismayed to learn the OC Sheriff’s Harbor Patrol has cut off public access to the public docks in Newport. I’ve seen all sorts of folks using those docks especially kids. I’m glad the Coastal Commission is pushing back to make things right. Given the Harbor Patrol Sheriffs are blessed with the best gig in law enforcement, I am disappointed to see them treat public access in this fashion. Hip, hip, hooray for the California Coastal Commission!
Local Boater


Re: Lake Elsinore reopens after blue-green algae takeover (issue March 8-21)


When will Lake Elsinore be revived?

You’re absolutely correct. NO ONE is doing anything about Lake Elsinore, in the last 30 years or so nothing changes. Who wants beachfront property to green slime?
Poor Elsinore


Re: Dana Point Harbor Partners share tentative construction schedule and vague design details (issue Oct. 5-18)


What’s coming next?

Hope to learn more as plans progress. Harbor boater and slip renter since about 1980, and still [a] tenant.
Kenneth D. Flint


Re: Hamilton Cove’s Airport via 1931-1942 (issue May 17-30)


Back in the day of seaplanes

We used to go to Catalina on the seaplanes back in the ‘60s. Too bad this neat airport was no longer there. Very cool!
Brett Johnson via Facebook


Re: Time’s Up: Putting the Clock on Waterfront Development (issue May 17-30)


Just stop construction …

[in response to question: Should cities put a time restraint on how long it takes to build waterfront developments?]

No, just stop building.
Larry Nelson via Facebook



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