Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

Re: Nautical Banter: Less is More as a Liveaboard (issue June 14-27) 

Neighborly Considerations
One thing that surprised me about my new liveaboard neighbors is that they brought with them 3 dogs, one of which is a 220 lb. mastiff. They chose the last slip away from shore in a very long shed.

When do you take your 220lb Mastiff back to shore to do his business? Anytime he wants. So just like clockwork, at 2-3 A.M. every morning I’m sleeping on my boat, I hear the pitter-patter of huge feet, hoofing it (literally) down the walkway.

As for being social, it is important to realize that your social life gets “enjoyed” by everyone else at your dock, whether they wish to enjoy it or not. I’m sure you are right proud of your taste in music, for example, but you should be aware that rap music is an oxymoron to most of those around you.

For good measure, that oh so funny joke spewing forth from your inebriated brain is not that funny as it carries across the water four sheds down the harbor.

But I digress – liveaboards are great!
Bob Easterday

How close is too close?
Great column about transitioning from home to boat, from a real-life, local perspective. Reality, really struck me one morning, as a newbie in a slip, when my neighboring slip mate, was already sitting out, and only about 6-8 feet away from me! My personal space was encroached upon, even though we did express morning niceties. We’re only once-a-week boaters, I like saying “hi” to dock mates, we look out for one another, but your article heightens my appreciation and awareness of privacy. How close is too close? Maybe I wouldn’t want to be so friendly if I was a liveaboard?? Am I intruding, or too nosey? Or vice versa? Learning to accept others’ living styles, in adjacent slips, lack of privacy and such tight quarters, are serious BIG deals to consider, OR contend with! Please write more!
Linda White


Re: Port of Hueneme installs Seabin to clean the ocean of unwanted litter (issue June 14-27) 

Port Huemene’s not alone …
Cabrillo Isle Marina on Harbor Island in San Diego also has one.
Carolyn Hee via Facebook


Re: Marina del Rey – At a Glance (issue June 14-27) 

Sneakaboards ruining the city
It’s a beautiful city. Too bad it’s no longer boater friendly and illegal sneakaboards now outnumber legal liveaboards and no officials will maintain the laws regarding this.
Larry Nelson via Facebook


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