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Re: Docked Authority: What Can and What Can’t a Sheriff Do? (issue July 12-25 )


Unimaginative Solutions

So if boaters are breaking the 72 hour rule, we’ll just change it to 20 minutes. No-one would dare abuse that right? What is it with some people who think the solution to a rule not being followed is a stricter rule? How unimaginative do you have to be to get that job? If some boaters were abusing the 72 hour rules then I don’t know… maybe… those are the boaters who should be penalized.
Bob Easterday


Kudos to The Log

Thank you, The Log, for shedding daylight on this issue important to all S. CA boaters! This action was wrong and needs review by elected officials – not the police.
Sailboat Scotty


An Abuse of Power?

Abuse of power for sure by big headed sheriff Corn.
Our government authorities have crossed their designated boundaries. The sheriff’s department is enforcement only; they cannot make, change, or interpret the law.
Bruce Brewer



Re: Waterfront developer court-ordered to pay $900,000 in legal fees to Redondo Beach (issue July 12-25 )


In response to David Tanner’s that developers have the best in mind for the community

I disagree with your assessment. Developers don’t knowingly try to skirt CEQA or zoning? Of course they do….

CenterCal clearly wanted to push the envelope on our zoning, the Coastal Act and CEQA. The residents, as required by CEQA, had highlighted all the disconnects and abuses of discretion. And yes, the Council, dominated by Chamber of Commerce plants were so biased and jaded they approved the project and EIR despite all the violations.

However, unbiased parties, a judge and all Coastal Commissioners, sided with the residents’ assessments… The EIR violated CEQA. And the project violated local zoning and the Coastal Act. The judge ordered the city to rescind and correct the flawed EIR and to pull all approvals until the EIR was fixed and the project complied. The Coastal Commission unanimously agreed that the project represented “significant issues” with the City’s zoning and the Coastal Act… they voided the Coastal Development Permits. So CenterCal clearly tried to get away with “bending the rules” – and they got caught. Somehow two independent, unconflicted government parties found that the project and its EIR broke the law… but CenterCal couldn’t see it? Get real.

So what did CenterCal do? They sued the City multiple times. And they personally sued the main opponents to their plan. CenterCal tried to mask their funding of the latter lawsuit by getting two residents to put their names on the lawsuit. When the judge forced the plaintiffs’ purported lawyer to disclose who paid him, the lawyer begrudgingly admitted CenterCal (through Redondo Waterfront LLC) was really backing the lawsuit. Even the judge thought that smelled – so he called the lawsuit a “sham” and the two residents who fronted the lawsuit “shills.” The same judge awarded the $900K in legal fees to the attorneys of the individuals CenterCal harassed with their bogus lawsuit.

The City has not gotten legal fees – in fact, the lawsuits CenterCal filed against the City have not yet been resolved. And when the city held a three day event in the harbor, CenterCal filed yet another lawsuit.

Clearly, CenterCal thought they could ram their mall down our throats and when they saw it wasn’t going to happen they filed vindictive lawsuits that continue to delay waterfront revitalization today.

Jim Light


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