Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

RE: Documents show County of Orange budgeted $105,000 to select “best in class” Dana Point developers (issue July 26-Aug. 8)

Sounds like they really don’t know what they are doing… Ralph used to work in the hotel industry, now is going to run the marina??? Give me a break, good luck!

E. Fitzgerald


RE: Life’s a Ball at 100: Liveaboard Celebrates Birth & 40+ Years on the Water (issue July 26-Aug. 8)

More power to Staff Sergeant Bueller. I have lived aboard my less than 29’ long, 08’ wide sail boat for more than 49 years. The only reason I have had to live in Shoreline Marina, Long Beach for the last 22 years has been to be near this VA hospital. VA is the best health care there is and this is one of the best in the system.

John Curtiss Ensign II


RE: Orange County contemplating answers to questions about Newport Beach docks decision (issue July 12-25)

No single officer is logically entitled to unilaterally change the time rules on Orange County Docks. I can’t see that the legal answer will differ from my opinion [which is based on primary logic]. Also, there may be some facts missing from the allegation.

Larry Fancher


I agree, the Sheriff’s Harbor Patrol has forgotten what public service is all about. They don’t even have a visitor dock any longer. I guess they don’t want to deal with boaters. It just doesn’t seem right!

Mike Seldano


RE: Vessel operator definition bill awaits governor’s decision (issue July 12-25)

Note: Gov. Newsom has signed this bill

The boating experience is now even more going to be marked by boardings, checking for papers and such, getting tickets for something being out of date. It used to be about your skill and decision making, but now it’s about whether you have the right signature.

Bertram Balch via Facebook

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