Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

RE: Oceanside planning to replace a second dock (Aug. 23 –Sept. 5)

Surprised its replacement isn’t a floating hotel.



RE: Newport Beach community mourning the loss of 47-year-old Ryan Eastman (Sept. 6-19)

Hard to believe! We bought a boat from Ryan in 2003 and remained in touch. What a loss! Our hearts go out to his family. Truly a great guy. All our love John and Marsha Brezina.

John Brezina


RE: “Paul Caronna, well-known Point Loma yacht broker, dies” (Sept. 20- Oct. 3)

Paul was a gentle soul, a respected yacht broker, a kind man, and a good friend to all who knew him. He was supportive of the two industries he knew and loved most – fishing and yacht sales, and those of us who make our livings or spend our leisure hours fishing or messing around with boats, will miss his presence. The San Diego Brokers Forum, mentioned in the obituary, does in fact continue to this day, and it is held in high esteem by brokers nationwide as being truly unique, long-lasting, and successful. Paul’s participation at those forums, plopped down at his favorite table, will be in many of our memories for years to come. Fair seas and tight lines, old friend!

Dean A West


RE: “NOAA seeking public comment for California sea lion removal petition” (Sept. 6-19)

About time. Those things are way over populated because of the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Just give the sea lion explosives back to the fishermen and let them shoot sea lions again… easy peasy.

David Quesada via Facebook

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