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RE: “Port of San Diego looks into updating in-water hull cleaning policy” (Oct. 18- 31)

More environmental friendly paints are already available and have been for some time now. Divers should always use soft carpet in my opinion, but some don’t because they get return business more frequently as they wipe away your paint and cause barnacles to grow faster.

Tom Rega


Tom Rega that is a very ignorant statement. First off, nobody uses soft carpet these days as there have been better commercially manufactured products that are not abrasive. Secondly, “environmentally friendly” paints have proven not to work in our waters after 10-11 months and barnacles, etc. can grow on painted surfaces in just 10-14 days on paint that is only months old. Regarding the “return business,” divers return regardless of your paint condition every month. It is in the divers’ best interests to preserve the paint, as it makes their job easier.

Billy Knickerbocker


RE: “Gov. Newsom signs bill to regulate drunk boating” (Oct. 18-31)

In this case, the storage burden would be shifted to marinas as opposed to an impound lot that would normally be used for cars. My hope would be that the marinas would be compensated appropriately. If the impound fees were forfeit by the owner, the marina would need a lien to protect their interests and facilitate disposal.

Robert Easterday


I see no such wording in the text of the bill that would protect the marina’s interest beyond indemnification.

Robert Easterday


RE: “Just Cruisin’ On By: Avalon Tries to Manage Cruise Traffic” (Oct. 18-31)

The city of Avalon needs to have a ballot initiative to let the community decide and not a select few businesses and a City Council hungry for revenue decide the quality of life in Avalon going forward. The Avalon Chamber of Commerce already conducted a straw vote with 70% objecting to more cruise ships. At some point, more becomes less when the word gets out Avalon is inundated with cruise ships. Don’t ruin the Catalina experience with cruise ships. This pushback is not unique to Avalon. Ports all over the world both bigger and smaller are calling for an end to cruise ships in their ports.

Thomas Smith


RE: “Pro surfer, paddle champion crosses all eight of the Channel Islands, ending on Catalina” (Oct.18-31)

What an incredible achievement and awesome project. Well done Jamie Mitchell and Seven Crossing Project!!

Sid Corsica

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