Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

RE: “Is sand replenishment a defense to sea level rise?”(Nov. 1-14)


Your coastline is not being overtaken by rising water. The state of California is slowly sinking. You should be more concerned about earthquakes causing the coastline to disappear forever.

Michael Dupree


California: start building desalination plants and pump that water in. Turn California green, fill the Salton Sea with that water. Desalination water plants can solve it all. No more forest fires, lots of water for our needs. Just a thought.



How much do you think the sea is rising? About 6-7 INCHES per CENTURY, not the 12-foot rise that should have already occurred, according to previous forecasts. You are spreading inaccurate assertions and never run any rebuttals. Every single forecast has been proven wrong. The “models” don’t work.



RE: “Los Angeles plans a spring 2020 groundbreaking for San Pedro Public Market” (Oct. 4-17)


Unfortunately, Carson will have their mega outlets open before this place. Imagine all of the people having to pass acres of shopping on the 11 freeway, past hundreds of brand new stores, to make their way into this place where they took away the trolly, the charm and character of the original, for tin roof shells with a handful of shops. They took too long… Now it will never get the crowds they had hoped for.

Sean G


RE: “Oxnard rejects Fisherman’s Wharf residential plan” (Nov. 15-28)


Stalemate… Why Polly doesn’t want a cracker?

Jody D Mondor


The Oxnard Channel Islands Harbor does not need more housing. The Oxnard City Council needs to improve roads and other much needed infrastructures. Hey City Council and City Management, please do an inventory of already available housing and quality living for Oxnard residents. Please!


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    Printed news is still relevant and serves as a visible and tangible alternative to online news. Please continue to publish and distribute The Log in SanDiego County,



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