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RE: “The Log bids farewell to Sea Magazine and Boating World” (Dec. 13-26)

I love The Log and have for many years. Always a good read. Sea Magazine became boring for the most part, very predictable. Some good tips on maintaining and fixing stuff but IMHO not enough content from people out boating.

William LeFever


Parimal- I can’t tell you enough how much I value your work – you and Lindsey ARE The Log. Your publication is the only one I know that treats boating content in the same professional manner and editorial standards as the LA Times or New York Times. It’s factual. It’s always up-to-date. And it’s TRUSTED. You two truly know what ‘news’ is to the California boater and beyond. Thanks for carrying the torch, and I do hope to see SEA and Boating World return.

Sailboat Scotty


On behalf of Recreational Boaters of California (RBOC) for which I currently serve as president, allow me to add my compliments to you and The Log for your outstanding journalistic efforts. While I am sad that Sea Magazine is discontinued, I am grateful that we have The Log as our primary source of information on the Southern California boating scene. Keep up the good work!

Raymond Durazo


I love The Log. Since acquiring a boat and slip in Shoreline Marina September 2018, I am always intrigued to pick up the latest copy of The Log, so that I feel informed, of this vast industry, mostly California related. There are so many entities involved in each boating project that I could never stay on top of each one. So, I rely on The Log, to keep me updated, but not overwhelmed. Keep up the GREAT EFFORT, it’s very much appreciated. The paper is well laid out, and a joy to read.

Linda White


RE:Boater Bars: A Place to Bond and Connect” (Dec. 13-26)

You need to go to the Chowder Barge in Wilmington. It’s a floating restaurant with beer and wine. It’s in Leeward Bay Marina. Lunchtime or 3-5 p.m. you will see a lot of boaters having a beer and lunch. Liveaboards, cruisers, commercial divers, etc.

Michael Mercer


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