Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

RE: “Environmental Impact Report begins for proposed development on Newport Beach’s Mariners Mile” (Nov. 29-Dec. 12)

This proposed development is far too dense for this area and will occlude views.

Pauline Smith

The proposed three-story structures would eliminate a significant portion of homeowner views, ones they paid dearly for. The community would most likely welcome development of Mariners Mile into two-story structures and structures that will not further destroy our local air contaminants (i.e. increased methane contaminants from apartments/condominium/hotel structures). Lastly, mostly all of PCH on Mariners Mile is already six lanes. The only thing keeping it from being six lanes, in all honesty, is parking spaces. What they really want is to spend millions (maybe billions of dollars) increasing PCH by 9 feet to allow for the current parking spaces as well as bicycle lanes on each side. Is that really what we want our taxes to go for? PCH is already a very dangerous driveway, especially in the late hours. We don’t need MORE ambulances racing down PCH to Hoag!!!

Susan Leal

Newport Heights would have been better off if that property would have been developed years ago. As time goes on, the allowed building envelope will only increase due to new state laws that override local building codes. We are playing with fire.

Kay Smith


RE: “Historical Photo: Newport Beach’s Mariners Mile in the 50s” (Dec. 27-Jan. 9)

I worked across Tustin Ave at Newport Galleries in what was at one time Danber Drugs. The fire started in the Marine Hardware store. I agree, it was disastrous.

Robin M

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