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RE: “Bills to Watch in 2020: War on Single Use Plastics” (Jan. 24-Feb. 6)

I am sure that the tyrants in Sacramento are working as hard as they can to tell us how to live our lives, Stalin would be proud. So much for a free country.



RE: “Is managed retreat a viable response to sea level rise?” (Jan. 10-23)

Thus far, I have not been able to determine that there is any evidence actual sea level rise exists anywhere in the world. I am not saying it does not, but to the extent I can read and evaluate reports, not yet. Of the many vulnerable areas, two of the widely anticipated early victims were Kiribati and Netherlands. Both are still with us, and Netherlands appears to be surviving quite well, with no land loss for either. Cliff collapse and beach erosion existed in California long before man supposedly produced enough heat to be have an noticeable environmental effect, and I am of the “opinion” (note the quotes for emphasis) that the twin beliefs that we are a significant cause/and can reverse global warming (or climate change) is simply hubris and chicanery, often with corrupt motivation. Sure, we can reduce our influence, probably to our own detriment, with little benefit to the environment. I hope any reader paid attention to the separation of what I represent as fact and opinion.

Brian Aherne


RE:Port of San Diego hopes to fine-tune in-water hull cleaning policy” (Jan. 10-23)

The Port’s hull cleaning policy continues to be (amended or not) a poorly crafted, toothless and ineffective attempt to reduce copper loading in San Diego’s waterways. The only way to reach the federally mandated water quality goals for copper is to ban copper-based anti fouling paints. Studies have proven that even eliminating in-water hull cleaning altogether would not achieve this. The Port is merely going after an easy target by regulating hull divers in this way.

Matthew Peterson


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