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RE: “State Parks analyzes effectiveness of boater marketing” (March 20-April 2)

Always support efforts on Boating Safety, when will we have a statewide solution to dispose of expired marine flares?

Steven J. Caldero


RE: “Return of the Mag … Sea Mag” (March 20- April 2)

Thanks for the article. We know what SEA will be returning from. I agree that we should next question what Mark Morrison returned from.

James P. Vaughns


RE: “Legislators introduce two fishing regulation proposals” (March 20-April 2)

Right, we wouldn’t want an offensive pronoun to be used in our legislation. That would just be unforgivable.



RE: “Poseidon workshop delayed because of Coronavirus” (March 20-April 2)

That the plant would be environmentally unfriendly is just ONE of the issues. The most pressing issue is the NEED for the water. The need for it has never penciled out, right from the beginning. That needs to be addressed.

Merle Moshiri


RE:Public invited to take survey on future branding of Chula Vista bayfront” (March 20-April 2)

Make some attractions, like giant SKY towers for viewing the south bay and Mexico, free access. A glass walkway, same type in China as an attraction, really high glass walkway, scary and memorable.



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