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RE: “Channel Islands Harbor to re-open boat launch ramp” (May 1-14)

Enough is enough, it’s time for legal action against the County of Ventura for violation of 1st amendment’s rights. All Governmental agencies are trying to re-write our Constitution whereas we have the right for “Peaceable Assembly”. Nowhere does it state restrictions. I understand we have a national problem with this virus, however look at the numbers in Ventura County???? They don’t add up to a crisis. Write to your representatives both locally and nationally, if they don’t respond to what the people want then it’s time to remove them from office and elect representatives for the people. The launch ramp is PUBLIC and should not have restrictions when they are NOT necessary. STOP THIS NON SENSE! STOP GOVERNMENT FROM STEPPING ON YOUR RIGHTS! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. This is my opinion and please share your thoughts.

C Allen


RE: “Trout opener on hold after CDFW authorizes suspension/delay of recreational fishing” (May 1-14)

Another case for making a license valid for one year from the day you purchase it. Make it happen, and refund anyone who asks for one. Extraordinary circumstances after all.

Mike whitmore


RE: “Ventura County lifts hours restriction at Channel Islands Harbor Boat Launch Ramp” (May 1-14)

What a ripoff! Daytime boat launch fees in Orange County are $10 at present whereas Channel Islands Harbor seems to think an overnight fee of $19 is justified despite that in 2017, these overnight fees were only $15. Price gouging in the age of COVID-19 by our governments, incredible.

Bob Cintilla

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