Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

RE: “Poseidon Water’s Desalination Plan: Are There Cracks in the Armor?” (May 15-28)

Poseidon’s de-sal plant in OC should be welcomed without hesitation. Their Carlsbad plant took years to get approval, through the terms of three presidents, only to prove all the critics and environmental concerns were wrong. The plant produces 10% of San Diego County’s water needs, and led the county to a water surplus out of the drought years. OC water officials appear to have already forgotten letting lawns go brown and showering with friends in a misguided effort to save water. In the infamous words of William Mulholland, L.A.’s early 1900’s Eastern Sierra water thief, now looking towards the Pacific Ocean . . .  ” There it is. Take it.”

Ken Harrison


RE: “Editorial: Balloons Floating Away with the Tide”

Thanks for your editorial Julia. We all need to continue to highlight this problem and the irresponsible disposal of plastics in general. Like you, we always seek to leave a clean wake, as well as capture floating plastic debris when we can. Thanks for being a steward of our great ocean resource!

C Tillman


RE: “Oxnard granted extension on public hearing for Fisherman’s Wharf project” (June 12-25)

It was the County of Ventura (who owns the Harbor) that submitted the request to the Coastal Commission to override the City of Oxnard’s Local Coastal Plan. The County made this request so that the County-selected developer could redevelop Fisherman’s Wharf with a high-density residential development (with a minimal commercial component). The City has opposed the County’s request for the override. On May 14, 2020, the Coastal Commission extended the time to made a decision on the County’s override request for an additional one-year period

Jeff Johnson


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