Letters/Online Comments

Letters/Online Comments

RE: “King Harbor Mooring Field Revenues Don’t Cover Maintenance Costs: Should it be Reduced?” (July 10-23)

I believe the absence of a dinghy dock and/or any transportation from the mooring to the marina is a major deterrent for mooring use. I have a 35′ power boat I store on a trailer, would definitely use a mooring for weekends if I had a way to get to shore.

Steve Micks


Since the moorings replaced some of the last free anchorage in Southern California, getting a little of it back would be awesome. I only used it once, and maybe one day I will get to use it again as a free rest stop on my way up the coast, or to the island



RE: “Letters/Online Comments” (July 10-23)

We can all agree that getting out on the water is a great way to get away from the stressors of life. Most boaters get along well on the water and there are alway friendly rivalries between sailboaters and power boaters and members of different yacht clubs. I think the friendliness has crossed over a line with political candidate flags flying from boats underway and at their docks. The tranquility of the day is somehow interrupted and perhaps even broken by the political statements. At least one or more people are irritated by seeing a candidates flag they do not support and it takes the fun out of their day on the water. I have seen boats flying both parties’ candidates’ flags. Let’s keep our waterways a neutral zone to maximize the enjoyment for all.

There are plenty of places to voice your political opinions….your car bumper, your front yard and the ballot box. Let’s keep our precious time on the water as enjoyable as possible for all.

Pat McCormick, Alamitos Bay

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